More cowbell!

Casual Aggro Ramp

MightyFist Score: Unrated


I picked up a M13 event deck..Called something to the effect of "re-occurring menace" A creature heavy deck with blink/bounce effects that work will with many of the creatures "come into play.." effects. Their are a lot of 1 of's in the deck. partially due to re-occurring search's like Mwonvuli Beast Tracker and my tendency to generate interesting synergy's throughout the game.

Early game is to drop mana dorks like Llanowar Elves orAvacyn's Pilgrim. Hopefully doing something useful like Lead the Stampede or Borderland Ranger Then as we move into midgame thats where my Roaring Primadox Thragtusk and the rest of the crew start to do their tricks...over and over and over.

Please playtest it and let me know what you think! Its just a casual deck, but thus far its been fun to play.


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