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Moral Support

A B/W tokens deck with an emphasis on Exalted.

An ideal game looks like this:

T1 = any land

T2 = white source, Knight of Glory

T3 = Cathedral of War , Honor of the Pure, swing for 5

T4 = Sublime Archangel, attack with Knight for 8

T5 = Any number of cards: Ajani, Caller of the Pride paired with Doom Blade for a double strike victory / Lingering Souls with a flashback for 4 additional Exalted damage / whatever the situation calls for.

Elspeth Tirel and Angelic Overseer are for the late-game, and the Angel of Jubilation / Honor of the Pure secure a full-swing win if exalted creatures are being spot-removed.

I'd like the sideboard to be able to kick the knights out and go more true tokens if i need to OR switch to Aven Squire if i'm up against token hate (aka Ratchet Bomb).

Comments / Suggestions please :)


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trying out Vault Skirge, idea goes to My_ppl_eat_dogs :)


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