Humans and their lycanthrope comrades. Many humans with "(t) deal x damage to target creature/player" (hopefully including the commander Kresh the Bloodbraided because of his ability should you draw Burning Anger or get Arlinn Kord loyalty pointed up) supplemented by some cards that double the amount of damage done this way, humans with mana ramp and an enchantment to give all creatures you control mana ramp, instant and sorcery spells to deal with larger scary and or flying creatures and planeswalkers, some token spam with Arlinn Kord's human form, Mayor of Avabruck's transformed form and howl of the night pack with prismatic omen, Primal Vigor or Doubling Season to ensure it can get a nice big pile of wolves out, artifacts and equipments that can buff it's creatures with deathtouch, reach or hexproof (mainly for the commander) or lower mana costs. Utilizing Mayael's Aria by drawing Mastermind's Acquisition is a win condition that is more easily set up with the two cards Doubling Season & Primal Vigor, ensuring a victory should the match continue for long enough periods of time to get Kresh the Bloodbraided to +20/+20.

Looking for input on good cards to add for some more deck synergy, maybe some deck search or draw control.


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