This is my current decklist for my MonoG Stompy deck.

Disclaimer: This Deck has hardly any "real" upgrade options, so currently please do not consider this a very "competitive" deck, imo it is competitive, but cannot be taken that much further as it currently is- apart from card choices, this is end point - I do not want anyone to be disappointed

Now, I will somewhat explain my decisions as to why I run certain cards that others don't and their ratios.

Starting with the new cards first, Hexdrinker might be somewhat argueable when compared to card:Drya Militant, as our new favourite snake does not help against Storm and other decks that utilize Instants and Sorcs in their GY. But the Snake is definitely just as good as far as pure stats go (2/1) plus it functions quite good as a mana sink later into the game, should it take longer. Vines of Vastwood provides solid prtection for the Snake, should we really want to push it through. I even consider(ed) Blossoming Defense for further protection but so far I believe it would just take momentum away from the deck and there is a reason it is considered aggro. ^^

Force of Vigor is, I believe, rather self-explanatory, as it is either a 1 for 2 in desperate situations during early phases of the game, a 2 for 2 should the Opponent run more artifacts/enchantments and possibly even a 1 for 2 later on, should one hard cast it, which, imo, combined with the fact that it allows for really fast "push-throughs" early on, plays really well into the deck besides being a very strong card anyways.

the 4/2 split on Experiment One and Pelt Collector is due to me being a huge fan of both. Both cards often allow for you to swing for 2 or even 4 on Turn 2, which is not "game-breaking" but definitely helps setting the pace. The upside of the smoll'Elf is his capacity to trigger on creature deaths (plus the trample from 3 counters onwards), whereas E1's upside is clearly that it can trigger even though being enhanted by Rancor , thus being more forgiveable if you happen to top deck an Avatar of the Resolute later on or having a Strangleroot Geist return while the 1-drop is already enchanted.

2 Scavenging Ooze is currently owed to decks in general being so Graveyard-heavy, which only causes the Scavooze to further profit despite being somewhat slow compared to Kalonian Tusker or Garruk's Companion . But I decided to run 3 Barkhide Troll due to it's integrated "evasion" and synergy with Avatar of the Resolute , will see how well it does.

Sadly, hexdriker took up in price, ravenous trap as well; even force of vigor. I do not know whether or not to consider it budget anymore. Also, I started foiling it out bc I like it so much

Overall, the deck is a blast to play (especially if you're used to playing control and sometimes glass canon combo decks), fairly cheap and it keeps your friends.^^

Also this deck splashed White in no way, I don't know why the "GW (Selesnya)" tag keeps coming back ://


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