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Monoblue Paradox Combo

Standard Combo Mono-Blue



Deck wins by setting up charged Pyramid of the Pantheon with 1-2 other mana stones then playing Paradox Engine or tutoring it with Whir of Invention, generating a lot of mana with random spells and finally casting big Pull from Tomorrow or refreshing hand with Commit / Memory. That allows to play some more spells, generate some more mana and finally cast huge Pull from Tomorrow for the rest of the deck, ultimately killing with Fall of the Titans. Fall of the Titans as wincon allows deck to kill at instant speed which is very useful against control decks. Quite often deck wins at eot in response to Torrential Gearhulk.

Against Aetherworks Marvel this deck has 8 'counterspells' which allow to buy some time to find and build up Pyramid of the Pantheon. And even then Marvel has to hit exactly Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger to win in 1-2 spins because all its 'value' generation is actually useless. Against aggro deck card:Paradox Combo once again has 4 Unsubstantiate in bounce mode + 4 Engulf the Shore to buy enough time to set up combo.

Sideboard vs control and Marvel: -4 Unsubstantiate -4 Engulf the Shore +4 Negate +4 Overwhelming Denial. Overwhelming Denial is great tool to push combo through opponent's counters or reliably protect our combo pieces from removal. Sideboard vs fast aggro: in progress. Probably -2 Paradox Engine -2 Hedron Archive -4 Whir of Invention -4 Pyramid of the Pantheon +4 Negate +4 Thing in the Ice  Flip +3 Niblis of Frost


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