A Blazing Sun that Will Never Set

Mono White Emeria Control is a tap out control deck that utilizes the interactions between Sun Titan and Emeria, The Sky Ruin to set up an endgame that the opponent wont be able to beat. It takes advantage of Enters the Battlefield triggers and recursion to gain huge amounts of advantage over the course of the game, while coincidentally stalling to the late game by using these ETB creatures as chump blockers, alongside other general stall tactics.
Tap Out control decks go against the traditional notion of a control deck by being proactive, and so much so that the opponent will find themselves on the back foot and on the defense from the beginning of the game through to when you are casting huge threats that they cannot deal with. As opposed to traditional control that wants to be reactive - usually holding back on their own turn to keep mana up for counterspells and instant speed removal - Tap Out control takes full advantage of their own turn, using all of their mana as efficiently as possible on each of their turns; hence the name Tap Out.
Mono White Emeria Control is the deck for a player who wants to take a proactive, yet unconventional approach to the format. The deck is one of the most synergistic in the format, and extremely resilient with few truely bad matchups. A skilled pilot will also appreciate how often their opponent will stop to read every card that is being played because the deck is essentially made of cards that have at one point been left behind at the draft table.
The original Emeria decks were played back in Zendikar standard in effort to combat the Jund Menace of the time. Pilgrim's Eye being recurred with Emeria, The Sky Ruin turned out to be an excellent way to deal with Blightning, the main discard spell of the time, because the user could effectively fetch for a basic to discard each turn instead of a relevant spell. Soon after, the now extinct Extended format allowed players with an appreciation for this style play to go back to the deck with a new addition in Sun Titan. In 2014, a version of the deck was able to 4-0 a modern daily event on MTGO, which caught the attention of several notable YouTube personalities including the Rogue DeckBuilder and MTGGoldfish, who each within a year presented a budget series on the deck. Several video series on the deck have been uploaded since by some popular YouTubers, and the deck remains a staple Tier 3 option in the format. The popular version of the archetype has since moved into blue to combat some of the decks worst matchups, but a Mono White version still exists for those who are nostalgic for the deck, those that want a bit more of a challenge, those that are on a slightly tighter budget, or those that just want to brew something a bit different.

All cards in this section will be arranged by CMC but not by relevance or any further sorting, and given a rating out of as to their general power level within the deck. All cards should be tested by the individual because this deck is meant to be a utility belt that you assemble to combat your specific metagame.

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This section will only pertain to my specific deck list. You are capable of changing your list to suit your needs, so for example if everyone and their mother is playing jund, you might not be packing as much hate for the combo matchups.

Jund: Show

GR Tron: Show

UWR Nahiri / Control: Show

Burn: Show

Affinity: Show

Infect: Show

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Death and Taxes: Show

Merfolk: Show

Scapeshift: Show

TitanShift / RG Breach: Show

Ad nauseam: Show

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Decided to update a bit of text with the new cards from shadows and zendikar. Kaladesh cards may take the deck on a new spin with Energy and whatnot, but we will find out in about six months after some testing.

Cards added: Ghostly Prison, Eldrazi Displacer, Thraben Inspector

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