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Mono Red Young Pyromancer

Standard* Combo Mono-Red



Warning: This deck is incredibly fun to play with however it does not require any interaction whatsoever from your opponent making it frustrating to play against. Please play at your own discretion.

=============== Strategy =======================

Focus on getting a Young Pyromancer on the field early game then control the board state with your burn spells while building your army of Elementals and Goblins. Once you reach around 5-6 creatures in the field, play Battle Hymn and cast Past in Flames to give all your spells in the graveyard flashback to commence the ass-pain!

Finish your enemy off by either swarming him with your elementals while removing blockers off the field


Cast Burn at the Stake with 7 creatures on the field


Ping him to death using Barrage of Expendables

====== Things to take note of while playing this deck =======

1) Try to hold on to your burn spells until you get a Young Pyromancer out to generate more value off them

2) You need a solid board state to pull off the combo. Try not to block unless necessary

3) Declare blockers first then in response, use Barrage of Expendables to ping the enemy. Every single point of damage counts!

4) More spells in the graveyard = GOOD

============== Dealing with Hate ==================

This deck revolves alot around graveyard interaction. By game 2, your opponent would probably sideboard in some hate to stop you in your tracks. The following are cards that would shut down this deck completely if not dealt with

Dyrad MilitantThis guy is fairly easy to deal with. Using one of your burn spells is the best way to deal with him, Barrage of Expendables can also be used to get rid of him.

Tormod's CryptUnless you sideboard in some white lands to add Blind Obedience. It is incredibly difficult to deal with this card. However, siding in some Guttersnipe would help mitigate its effect, side out Faithless Looting for it.

Ash ZealotIts going to hurt... ALOT if you are going to combo out with Ash Zealot on the field. Try to deal with her as soon as possible. One of your burn spells should be sufficient enough to deal with her

CounterspellsDecks that run counterspells usually do not run creatures (that are worth killing) with 2 toughness and below. Side out your Shock and replace them with Reveberates. Copy their counter and target their counter that is targeting your spell. Make sure to watch your mana and always plan for this.

Devastation Tide/ Terminus/ Supreme Verdict In the event you come across a tryhard trying to ruin your fun. You have to race the guy down before he can get control of the board. In this match-up, replace your Barrage of Expendables and Faithless Looting with Ash Zealots and Rakdos Shred-Freak

Replace Goblin Arsonist with Barrage of Expendables


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