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Mono Red Storm (Saheeli doesn't count) best of one

Standard Mono-Red Storm UR (Izzet)


Runaway Steam-Kin : With the average CMC of the deck so low 2 are enough for infinite mana.

Saheeli, Sublime Artificer : can make a copy of Runaway Steam-Kin if you don't have enough, nice thing about copying Runaway Steam-Kin the +1/+1 counters stay on the Servo. Can also make a copy of any other creature if you already have enough Runaway Steam-Kin . It is actually rarer than I thought it would be that I overwhelm my opponent with Servo but it does happen.

Burning Prophet : is mainly for card selection but with all the ways to give it trample it can be a win condition on its own. I should run four of these in the deck but I only play this deck on arena and scrying so much takes up timeout time.

Crash Through , Warlord's Fury , and Rile : Cantrips I usually find trample to be more useful, first strike mainly only helps with cases where things are even or multiple blockers, rarely deathtouch. But Rile does have the draw back that I can't cast it if I don't have creatures, and while most of my creatures have the toughness to take the damage if I cast it on a Runaway Steam-Kin I can't take the +1/+1 counters off in the same turn without killing the creature (unless I can also cast Samut's Sprint on it)

Light Up the Stage : can be problematic to spectacle since the only way to do it pre-combat is with Electrostatic Field . But with spectacle it is by far the best "cantrip" since one mana gets you two cards and I rarely leave exiled cards unused in this deck. And with Burning Prophet and Runaway Steam-Kin getting bigger as you cast spells you like to cast your spells before combat if possible.

Tormenting Voice : This is two cards for 2 cards, which is great when you have a card in your hand you don't need right now, but when Tormenting Voice is your last card in hand you wonder why it is in the deck.

Samut's Sprint and Storm Strike : are definitely on the weaker end since they don't draw you a card but the Samut's Sprint is nice for getting in an extra creature attack and the +1 toughness has worked to keep my creatures alive in various situations. All things being equal you want to cast these before your real cantrips until you have something on top of your deck that you want to draw. And if I am trying to storm out I scry these to the bottom if I don't have other card draw in hand. These are also the easiest ways to get Dreadhorde Arcanist to be able to cast Tormenting Voice and Light Up the Stage (other way would be turning a Servo into Runaway Steam-Kin to get +1/+1 counters on them then turn them into a Dreadhorde Arcanist )

Electrostatic Field : Like I already mentioned helps Spectacle Light Up the Stage , also can kill opponent when you are in a situation where winning with combat damage is not feasible. I used to run Guttersnipe in the deck but Electrostatic Field has more survivability does the job of triggering Spectacle and cost 1 less mana.

Dreadhorde Arcanist : is kind of a weak link, it needs to be able to attack and cast spells twice to be worth including in the deck but often times it must chump attack to get a Runaway Steam-Kin trigger or just get another card into hand with a cantrip.


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