This deck is what i like to call mono red neobrand. It wins basically on turn one, is the definition of a glass canon, plays a lot of turn one mana and mulligans a lot. The big thing you want to mulligan aggressively to is irencrag feat. With irencrag feat and four mana on turn one (which is easier than you think with 25 ways) the deck can drop turn one karn, drakuseth or the best thing rally the horde. Rally the horde is a card most people haven't heard of but in this deck it is usually somewhere from 10 to 40 1/1's on turn one. But if you see that you can't pull that off then the second plan of this deck is to just lock our opponent out of doing anything for a while with either chalice on one or blood moon turn one or two with relative ease. The sideboard plan is a trans-formative one. If you see that your opponent is playing particularly hard cards to beat like force of negation or if your opponent wants to side board in hate and take out removal then you can put in the fair cards like rabble master, garrison and hazoret which you can cheese your opponent with by playing turn one. We also have leylines for discard. So overall this deck looks very jank but i would recommend you goldfish it cause it presents crazy plays more often then you probably think. By the way this deck has been mentioned on a Fish tank article. Edit: actually this is an oversight on my part because once upon a time is insane in this deck because it can turn one get you a land or spirit guide or redraw or finisher. So the edit is to put the blood moons to the sideboard because they are still effective their, put in four once upon a time, take the hazorets out because they're the clunkiest creatures for the sb plan.


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