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Inspired by another one posted online, the idea of the deck is to have a bit of card speed and avoiding lack of mana due to Wellsprings, and feeds Scrapyard Salvo and Slag Fiend with cards like Ferrovore, Artillerize and Culling dais.



DeckBuilder345 says... #1

You just have too few lands, even with your plans to muscle out a few more and speed up the deck. I suggest cut both Chandra Ablaze add in 2 more mountains cuz lets face it you will NEVER cast that card with your mana pool as it sits now. It will always be a dead draw in your hand.

Similarly i would cut Shrine of Burning Rage you aren't focused too heavily on colored red cards so this isn't a super useful card, and is super slow to come out. Cut both and add 2 more mountains.

Similarly i would cut Culling Dais this deck is not about life gain it is about beat down and artifact sacing cut both and add 2 more mountains.

also have you considered a few Memnite or 3 more Reverberate ? I think you might get a bit more milage out of both of those cards.

May 16, 2011 5:39 p.m.

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