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MONO-R STORM feat. CHANDRA *cEDH* [Mini-Primer]

Commander / EDH Burn Combo Competitive Mono-Red Primer Storm



"'Utterly' is my favorite way to destroy something."



This deck started like 8 years ago(or longer), as Jaya Ballard, Task Mage .

After a pretty long hiatus from Magic, i decided to take the remains of my old deck and rework it.

I wanted to play a spellslinger and burn deck, but since most burnspells are useless('cause they don't scale with the 40 lifes in EDH), i went with Storm.

Another Option for Chandra would be Neheb, Dreadhorde Champion (great sugestion by Shadowmage), Neheb, the Eternal , Hazoret the Fervent or Purphoros, God of the Forge as a commander, she's not necessary to win, but she can eat some attacks and has a few cute interactions, who else to replace Jaya Ballard? :D

You can threaten to win the game between turn 4-6, with luck turn 3 and the fastest "magicalchristmasland"-kill is turn 1.

I gotta say there are a lot more options in red nowadays.

This is totally the right deck for you, if...

  • ...you enjoy casting half your deck on turn 4-6 and playing the most "balls to the wall"-variant of a storm deck.
  • ...you don't mind a bit of improvisation when it comes to get that stormcount.
  • ...you don't mind your turns taking a while(although you should get used to play fast, don't bore the table by taking forever).

Cast! Cast! Cast!

Not kidding, you're slinging spells like a maniac and pray to hit the right finisher or ritual at the right time.

No Tutors! ...except Gamble (which is like just another Past in Flames or Runehorn Hellkite mostly).

The filtercards like Magmatic Insight and the cast from the top cards like Act on Impulse do great in providing you to always hit a wheel or a ritual to keep on casting, also fill your graveyard to give fodder for Mizzix's Mastery or Past in Flames .

Important to keep in mind that you don't do a landdrop, before playing something like Act on Impulse .

Also you're not playing lands that etb tapped. Waaaay to slow!

Once you've cast like the 10th spell a turn, you can burn the table or demolish their manabase, or have a ton of goblins. Another easy way to win is with commanderdamage.

Using the cards that let you draw 2 or more with add.cost to discard a card or more and using a copy spell, will result in you not having to discard another card. So pay like 3 mana and draw 4 cards. In Terms of ressources you go usually +1 or up to +3

Chandra, Fire of Kaladesh   and Paradise Mantle lets her become a very potent mana dork. Same with Dual Casting .

Play a wheel, hold up priority and pop Lion's Eye Diamond .

Lower the cost on Reiterate s buyback and cast a ritual, rinse and repeat - "infinite" mana.

Rest is fairly obvious, only rocks used in the deck are the ones lowering the cost of my spells and the ones working like rituals(paying less than gaining mana). You alwas wanna go and imprint or call sorcery, with almost 30(!) in the deck.

Mainly consistency, you're not dependant on 3 or 2 colored manabase.

All red rituals work like insane.

Dropping stuff in the grave is just another resource a Ponder won't give you.

You're missing out on tutors, but that makes the deck less repetetive and less boring.

Also most common storm-combos are pretty easy countered, countering this deck is a lot more work, also a matter of speed.

I know i'm missing out on Yagmoths Win and Ad Nauseam , all the cheesy black tutors and all dem blue counters and even more tutors, but this deck can hold it's ground, in a very unique way.

Copying is not casting! You just put the copy on the stack.

You can't give Wheel of Fate Flashback! Has no cost, so casting it for no cost is an illegal action. You can cast it without paying a cost by using Goblin Dark-Dwellers , Mizzix's Mastery or Electrodominance though.

Just sayin...

If counters are a problem it's most likely the ones cast for free... FOW, PON aso. Keep a Fork in Hand and counter back, add Pyroblast , Ricochet Trap . Hatecards like Boil , Boiling Seas .

If your artifacts get blown up all the time, remember to use them like ritual and a boost, keep them in hand and blow them out in one swoop.

Red has all the answers at hand.

Am i missing something? Open for feedback/ suggestions/ help


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Finally been able to playtest with Chandra, Acolyte of Flame and shes working like a charm. Reusing rituals is amazing! Great addition to the deck!

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