Here's mono green like you've never seen. Big hitters early and fast, but balanced enough to not run out of gas. This is a deck that I built in 2015 when getting back into modern after a few years of not playing magic and selling my collection. I was just going for a budget deck that I could bring to my LGS and have a good time. It started out much more in the realm of traditional mono green stompy, but I gave it some fun budget twists, and ended up winning my first tournament, then came in second in my next. Definitely a fun and simple deck for anyone to play. Also, it can certainly shake up a pretty traditional meta if you know what you are doing. Now I'm trying to bring this back to life and try out some current cards. Feel free to make suggestions.

Card breakdown as follows:

Arbor Elf + Utopia Sprawl - The ultimate combo for getting those 4 mana turn 2, hence the reason I go up to 4cmc. 8 mana dorks help this to be incredibly consistent, but Utopia Sprawl has the added benefit of avoiding most typical removal, as people love to Bolt your Elf to try and slow you down. Utopia Sprawl is also an amazing card for ramping because most turns (other than your first) you can play it and still have full use of mana, as you just have to play it on an untapped land. If you have an Elf, Garruk, or Nykthos out, it can even give you an extra mana on the turn you play it.

Experiment One + Strangleroot Geist - Not an actual combo, but these two cards have excellent synergy. Geist is actually on of our biggest players in stompy decks, and just an all around badass. Experiment One is our most useful 1-drop, as he can grow and regenerate consistently, but not extremely useful past the first few turns, which is why I do not run a full playset.

Leatherback Baloth replaced with Steel Leaf Champion - Just an all around tank. This isn't always a key in stompy builds, and I'm still not 100% sure he is key in this one. But he has a massive rear end, is good for devotion, and if I'm going to keep running Rhonas, then I need to make sure there are enough creatures with 4+ power un-pumped.

Boggart Ram-Gang - Was playing this for budgetary reasons in the beginning, but have come to love it. Extremely consistent, good for devotion, and an excellent T2 threat.

Mistcutter Hydra - Fast and furious, whether I'm up against blue or not. Excellent top-deck for an extra beastly swinger.

Surrak, the Hunt Caller - Absolutely phenomenal. Swings on the turn he's played very consistently in the deck, and can give Steel Leaf Champions haste.

The game plan is simple: Drop an Arbor Elf or Utopia Sprawl, then get out a Steel Leaf Champion or Boggart Ram-Gang. Second option is Experiment One into Strangleroot Geist for 4 damage turn 2. Third is the best option in which you drop Arbor Elf + Utopia Sprawl , then Vengevine or Garruk or anything else for 4 mana. Followed up with 6 mana turn 3 to really grab the upper hand.

+1 if you like it. Use it if you want. Give me advice if you think you're better than me.


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Haven't updated this deck for over a year now, but I got the urge to give it a shot, and I still love it. Made a point to try and go through some newer cards that might make an improvement, and the only thing I decided needed to be in for sure was Rhonas the Indomitable. Please feel free to shout out ideas of newer cards that might have a good impact on the deck.

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