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I like the idea of Mwonvuli Beast Tracker as the heart of a deck and just making sure you can answer whatever the opponent has with the proper green beasty. Any good beasties to mix with it or any advice much appreciated

Elderscale is in there because I've got one as it stands and it's easier than trying to get a Worldspine

Not too sure on what to put in for hexproof but I figured Lumberknot with Geists and the saproling tokens to just keep dropping it's got potential in the right opening home.

Wasn't really sure what to choose for Deathtouch but Acidic Slime seemed to be a pretty useful card to be able to have on command more

Boundless Realms is there for fun big X costed for the fun of it and to be able to drop whatever creatures you want and still have left overs for a sorcery


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