My first commander deck!

I am considering dropping another creature and increasing control, since the win conditions seem to be lining up just fine. Also considering Talrand Sky Summoner as commander, maybe.

I tried to write some 'real' informative notes about the deck below. I am just learning Magic so please forgive me (and correct me) if the words I'm using aren't really right.

I am open to any and all comments for improvement.

Not surprisingly, this control deck relies heavily on counter spells and has few nice abilities that trigger whenever a spell is countered and quite a few draw cards. A small but mighty group of creatures provides the win conditions, and the ability to create a surprising amount of tokens keeps defense in place.

My initial play testing suggests that there aren't so many 1 or 2 drop cards so it's important to have mana in your hand at the start or mulligan is a must. Another weakness of this deck is that it's not great against lots of flying creatures, but I've tried to improve that in the last revision.


Like any control deck, the strategy is to own the battlefield and keep the opponents at bay until your win condition occurs. For this deck, the win condition can occur if one of the powerful, but scarce, creatures emerges or when enough token are generated to make the math work.

Early testing suggests that the actual control of the battlefield may not occur quickly enough, allowing the opponent to do substantial damage with creatures that were cast before you have a counter spell available. So, a minimum of 3 island mana seems to be required otherwise mulligan is recommended. There are plenty of draw cards so fewer than 3 islands can be risky but still work.

The juicy combos that work really well are the ones that create tokens whenever a spell is countered. Once those combos are working, the tokens can usually keep the opponent busy while you increase your level of control wait for enough potential damage to win the game.

Baral, Chief of Compliance is a solid, though not very exciting, commander. Initial cost is just 2 mana so easy to get him out there and that 1 mana discount on subsequent instants and sorceries helps to squeeze value out of every turn. Meanwhile, Baral's other ability allows you to draw every time you counter a spell, which should happen quite a bit when using this deck.

Talrand, Sky Summoner is a superstar in this deck and is a great alternative to Baral as commander. Tarland is fairly cheap at 4 mana and has the perfect combo for this deck - a 2/2 blue Drake token with flying each time you cast an instant or sorcery spell.

One thing I'm noticing with this deck is that once you have a few of these combos going (or just one, really) it's going to be worth casting instants and counter spells to get tokens and draws, even if those instants or counters aren't otherwise very strategic or useful. In this deck, any draw is a good draw and once you have a critical mass of counter spells or tokens under your control you should be in good shape. So, no need to save up instants or counter spells - there will be plenty more.

---------description/primer still in progress... any input appreciated---------


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