This is my take on modern control because building a traditional U/W control is way too expensive


  1. Islands and mountains. no explanation needed.
  2. Wandering Fumarole This is anowher way for me to close out the game by getting in chip damage like this. also here for the red splash.
  3. Blast Zone helps us deal with threats we usually cannot deal with, like enchantments or 1 drops
  4. Sulfur Falls I cannot afford fetch lands and shock lands, and this is again for the red splash
  5. Faerie Conclave here to spread out the damage over different cards.


  1. Baral, Chief of Compliance is here to discount all of our spells that we would cast and give us a nice filter effect after countering spells.
  2. Goblin Electromancer is here for the same reason: in my previous edition of this deck, the mono blue version, I could not reliably find my only discount source, baral. He makes it easier and is one of the reasons i am adding red.


  1. Isochron Scepter is a nice overall card, allowing us to have either recurring damage with Lightning Bolt , counterspells with Negate or Deprive , card recursion with Noxious Revival , creature removal with Reality Shift ( Sideboard), or bounce if we put Echoing Truth on it (Sideboard).


  1. Lightning Bolt everyone knows what bolt does. It is an automatic include in any deck with red, it can also be put on scepter for repeated 3 damage
  2. Cryptic Command is just a must have in any control deck that has blue. I was unable to get more copies, as my LGS was out of stock on commands.
  3. Noxious Revival Good value engine, especially put on scepter, allows you to re-use spells like Snapcaster Mage , but cheaper, andf the spell doesn't get exiled. also the card was cheaper than a playset of mages.
  4. Negate another counterspell, allows us to play our discount creatures and instantly protect them, can also be put on septer
  5. Archmage's Charm this is a good variable card that allows us some variability. I could not afford Cryptic Command , and tis is a good budget substitute. The 3 blue Mana may concern some people, but in my testing this was not a concern.
  6. Disallow The last counterspell in the deck, can stop all kinds of nasty activated/triggered abilities, and that is why it was included.
  7. Merchant Scroll is good for tutoring up specific instants that we need. This is no Mystical Tutor , but it works pretty well.
  8. Spell Snare is a very good and cheap counterspell. Also can be put on scepter.
  9. Deprive . I decided to put this in because I wanted a universal counterspell to put on scepter.


  1. Echoing Truth can be brought in for more bounce effects against aggro/token decks
  2. Ratchet Bomb helps to deal with problematic enchantments or artifacts that blue or red cannot take care of
  3. Pithing Needle Is against walkers, man-lands, and other pesky abilities
  4. Reality Shift This is an amazing much needed exile removal in this deck against singular big creatures. can also be be put on scepter for added value.
  5. Spellskite good as a blocker, draws aggression and bolts, as well was good at redirecting removal form my baral
  6. Summary Dismissal Gets Brought in against control and other "can't be countered" effects, which this is effectively a counterspell to.
  7. Tormod's Crypt is here in case of graveyard decks, dredge, etc.


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