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Mono-blue Millfolk deck.

Casual* Control Merfolk Mill Mono-Blue


Hi there, thanks for taking the time to look at this and help.

This deck is super preliminary! I know I need to get at least Master of the Pearl Trident so that my merfolk aren't so weak, and I have a few ideas for some other merfolk cards, but as for now the card I know I absolutely need is the master.

Any other suggestions you have for Merfolk to add, or maybe better milling cards I'm all eyes(since we're reading this). I'm also thinking about splashing in white so that I can include some white merfolk and Stonybrook Schoolmaster and Summon the School into this deck. But I'm not sure I want to go that route. I'd like some kind of token generation here so that I can keep spitting out Merfolk, but merfolk natively doesn't produce too much. Looking around three cards produce tokens, and only Lullmage Mentor actually produces more Merfolk. I'd like to keep this Mono-blue, but if anyone can make a big enough case for blue/white I'll consider it.

Thanks again.Dave.


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