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Tamiyo: Mono-Blue Kung-Fu

Modern FNM Mono-Blue Netdeck Primer Tempo Tribal


Mono-Blue Ninjas are typically Tempo decks using low costed creatures with evasion for enabling Ninjustu. The repeated combat damage effects generate serious tempo which will certainly frustrate the opponent. Ninjas no matter how you slice 'em are all about Tempo; and that is what makes them so dangerous. When you have Tempo over your opponent, you are further ahead in developing your game plan; which is enforcing the so called "Four-turn clock" of Modern.

Ninjas have some Aggro and Control elements but are much more of a precision instrument. Ninjas have a win strategy revolving around timing and Mana advantage; playing spells at specific times to pull ahead or push the opponent back, with spells that are versatile and relevant in all stages of the game. Ninjas are always responding to the development of the board and can be piloted as both Aggro & Control very effectively by using low costed conditional cards.

Most Tempo decks usually get the win by playing undercosted and protected threats like Delver of Secrets   that slowly chip away at the opponents life total likewise; Ninjas rely on great deal of synergy and flexibility so their abilities can get multiple triggers throughout the match and bring the opponents life total to zero.

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So the 8-rack faerie ninja didnt pan out for me. so i have reverted the deck list back to a Tempo deck with a sub discard theme. I am however running Glaring Spotlight in the sideboard now to allow be to eliminate hexproof troublemakers like Geist of Saint Traft.

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