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Mono Black Super Harsh Control - Pauper Edition

Pauper* Budget Cruel Control Mono-Black Pauper



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Basic idea of the deck of this: you piss off your opponent by discarding their hand and killing their creatures, all while you put out swamps and draw cards.

You hold and cast Corrupt with late game with Dash Hopes in your hand, so you can cast the card and do maximum damage, and at least get 5 damage from the cast. They can lose up to 8 life from Geth's Verdict and Vicious Rumors all while denying them card advantage via Duress and Divest as well (all while looking at their hand, did someone say budget Thoughtseize?).

Sign in Blood for cheap card advantage.

All for the low cost of less than $20 USD, you can piss off your opponent to no end and make them scoop from either frustration or devastation.

Have fun!

UPDATE: If you find yourself going against non-creature matchups, or find the need for more creature hate, sideboard in Tyrant's Choice , which is also good for passive 4 life loss if you choose.

If you find yourself against a deck with artifacts and enchantments Torment of Venom is good to make them lose even more life if they choose not to sacrifice a non-land permanent, and they should have no creatures on field to ensure that.

If you find yourself against many 1/1 creature tokens or need to kill lands, sideboard in Rancid Earth .

Lastly, if you need to catch up, target your opponent's graveyard with Crypt Incursion , also for graveyard hate.

UPDATE PART 2: I have decided to mainboard Tyrant's Choice in lieu of Doom Blade since it has about the same effectiveness without the black creature restriction, plus I can always just make them lose life, to put them in a compromising situation with Dash Hopes and Corrupt . If needed, you can always sub in Doom Blade instead of having Vicious Rumors for more active creature hate.

UPDATE PART 3: I decided to take out 2x Divest in favor of 2x Read the Bones , thanks to suggestions from the community. With all the creature hate in the deck, Divest has somewhat diminished effectiveness, outside of being able to look at the opponent's hand. Instead it would be more advantageous to add in more card draw to get more reliable land drops, and also more answers to opponent's decisions. I'm uncertain as to whether or not its worth it to include 1 copy of Bojuka Bog , as I'm unsure if this will be as useful in the pauper format, but I haven't run into many pauper decks with graveyard strategies I couldn't mitigate. Let me know what you think.


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