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Mono-Black Lash Devotion (budget)

Modern* Budget Devotion Lifegain Midrange Mono-Black


a powerful budget modern deck excellent for FNMs and other borderline competitive events

(beware this ill unlikely win events bigger than 12 people, at event people will be playing decks that cost in the 1K range this is nowhere near but will not embarrass you)

fo the super budget option (around the $20-$15 range look at Mono-Black Lash Devotion (super budget))

to people familiar with mono black devotion deck may be wondering why use Lashwrithe , Bad Moon , Vault Skirge the reason is simple: at this price range this is one of the most effective packages to run for maximum power.


one drops
Vault Skirge : i know it doesn't look like a one drop but this little guy is critical in getting our power going and gaining some much needed like to spend latter, h also has some awesome synagis with other cards.

two drops
Gifted Aetherborn : quite frankly hes awesome. he trades with any creature, gains you life and provides 2 devotion.

three drops
Vampire Nighthawk : basicly Gifted Aetherborn with flying :).
Drana, Liberator of Malakir : .and excellent card hes evasive provides devotion and makes all our stuff bigger only downside is hes legendary so no more than 2 :)

four drops
Lashwrithe : alt win con number one. always comes in as at least a 4/4 and when equipped to a lifelinking critter becomes a massive flying, life gaining, reusable, beatstick.
Erebos, God of the Dead : alt wincon number 2. hes almost always a critter and is very hard to get rid of so is excellent beater and can also become a card draw engine in a pinch (again legendary so only 1 as multiples are bad)

five drops
Gray Merchant of Asphodel : main win con. slam this down with any board presents and it normally a win on the spot.

six drop
Soulflayer : not normally a 6 drop (nomaly played turn 3-4 for 2 2-3 mana). he reuses any of our dead critters (sometimes sevral :) ) and ins normaly a 4/4 flying lifelink deathtouch that is push proof (can also gain first strike and indestructible)

Victim of Night : best budget black removal spell ever printed (only Fatal Push is better and that requires fetchlands to use right).
Dismember : second best can be played with as little as 1 mana so is good when facing down a huge creature that needs to die now!

Bad Moon : its devotion and makes everything bigger (importantly takes several of your best critters out of bolt/anger range).
Phyrexian Arena : best card draw card in the game for decks with a high curve. also excellent devotion.
Leechridden Swamp : adds a tiny bit of reach without to much work or down side.

[SB coming soon]


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