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Hi all,

I have been running in to a lot of U/R or Grixis control decks, so I am attempting to create a counter to that. The goal behind this deck, much like the very effective modern 8-rack decks, is to make your opponent discard their cards and slowly eat away at their life over time. This deck will not let you win quickly, nor will it let your opponent win quickly. The majority of games I've played with this deck go in to 10+ rounds.

Discard your opponent's hand before they can play their key cards. A new great addition to this deck is Dreamstealer from HOU. We generally want this to die so we can eternalize it for a 4/4 rather than a 1/2. I usually use one of my Dead Weight enchantments on this so he dies for sure. I also use Dead Weight against my own Accursed Witch  Flip depending on the state of the game so that we can get the enchantment effect from her. Distended Mindbender comes in late game and absolutely wrecks most of the time. If I have an Accursed Witch  Flip out, I'll usually sacrifice her to reduce Mindbender's cost drastically.

Sideboard is... weak, at best. I really only sideboard in Ruinous Path depending on the opponent just to get rid of their Planeswalkers or strong creatures. So far this deck has done decently well to my surprise, I figured it would be junk but it functions quite well.

Some other additions to the deck could be Torment of Hailfire, Torment of Scarabs, or Doomfall, but I haven't tested with them yet. Liliana's Defeat could also be a good sideboard card.



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