Mono-Black Discard.With the release of Return to Ravnica, a lot of multicoloured decks have been flooding, well, everywhere. I thought that in this environment, a fast, single coloured control-lockdown deck would do quite well for itself. So I built a mono-black discard deck, using the card Shrieking Affliction as a main method of killing my opponent, along with beatdown from Geralf's Messenger and Desecration Demon if need be.Thoughts and comments welcome!


This is the final version of the Mono-Black edition of this deck that I'll be building once I've acquired all the cards. It does very well and I really enjoy playing it. Thank you for all your comments, critique, and advice!

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Really great deck idea. +1 from me! I'm loving the mono-black. A few things that stood out to me while playtesting was sometimes I wouldn't have a sac outlet for card:Altar's Reap and I would be left open to attacks, Lotleth Troll with Rancor on turn 3-4 hurts to much. Have you considered splashing Plains for cards such as Doomed Traveler and/or Lingering Souls ? Also, I'm aware that card:Grafdigger's Cage is in the sideboard, but how do you deal with strong Reanimator Decks? Ones that can turn 4-5, or if assisted by Liliana of the Veil and discard an Unburial Rites to flashback for a Griselbrand , Angel of Serenity or Stormtide Leviathan ? I see that you do have a lot of spot removal, but if they can Unburial Rites it again, what could you do? No bashing on the deck, I think its great, just giving my 2. I look forward to seeing your reply!

October 25, 2012 8:48 p.m.

I forgot to add Mind Rot , being a great 3CMC 2 discard card, is there a specific reason you're not running it?

October 25, 2012 8:53 p.m.

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