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Mono Black Devotion Deck

Standard Mono-Black Ramp



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Get out black creatues and do heavy damage by turn 7 you should have one. Also, this deck sort of ramps in its devotion and black mana. This is done mainly with Crypt Ghast and lilliana of the dark realms. Late game your devotion hits big with creatures like Abhorrent Overlord and Grey Merchant of Asphodel. Lifebane Zombie provides removal while also upping your devotion with a creature. Whip of Erebos provides life sustain against aggro decks and gives good devotion too.

If you like the idea or test it and find anything to fix just plus 1 and leave a comment below..

Also, after the edition of Strionic Resonator this deck can really get pumping. Since the edition of Shadow Alley Denizen all of the creatures have triggered abilities.


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