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pie chart mono black devo, splash white



Mono black devotion splashes white for obzedat cause i dont have any blood baron. The white allows me to use high priest who is great for aggro and cartel aristocrat sacrifice engine.

Dark prophecy combos well with abhorrent overlord and gives lots of devotion. I sac a creature and draw a card.

Obzedat cause hes great

Lifebane cause he looks at yer hand and has intimidate

Desecration demon for obvious reasons

Cartel Aristocrat to sac other creatures to stay on the board

Erebos cause he is good with devour flesh and is indestructible

Gray merchant for devotion wins

Pack rat cause hes good and i can discard to feed the whip

Whip, to whip my creatures that are sacrificed and to reanimate Obzedat

Nightveil cause i get to play the opponent's stuff and lots of devotion

The rest is removal


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