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Mono-Black 5-Colour Reanimator

Casual Control Reanimator



one of 5 decks i have ready for casual playmono black because the spell package and virtual inability to hardcast in a realistic time the off color creatures, and because half the time they are black anyway


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So totally changed the list to be modern legal, notable additions being Raven's Crime and Cry of Contrition, both vastly superior to my previously used Horrifying Revelation and Mind Rot

the creature lineup is not necessarily competitive, but was built for flavor as well as power (which there is plenty of).

The plan is still to chuck a creature of high cost, and then to bring it back cheap(er) with reanimation, and to abuse this thoroughly, by repeatedly tutoring for beacon of unrest, or by using Charmbreaker Devils to recur (albeit randomly) Rise from the Grave

the 2 Manalith 1 Forest 1 Mountain 1 Plains and 1 Island are mostly for flavor, and to make hard-casting possible late in the game. Pristine Talisman gets me to the late game.

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