Sideboard suggestions only!

Budget modern black deck for fun and competitiveness. The synergy is strong with this one!

Deck is strickly budget, about 25 bucks without the Thoughtseize and the now unbanned Bitterblossom, which is a super cheap way to get into modern and be competitive. The deck is even cheaper on MTGO - 5 tix without the Thoughtseize.

Not only that, but you get to play a criminally underplayed Lorwyn tribe that has amazing synergy! Everything in the deck except Duress and Bad Moon are part of the Lorwyn/Morningtide block!

Any suggestions that are viable yet still budget AND not already in the maybeboard are welcome!


19 swamps - because this is a tribal deck that does not like Mutavault, not to mention it is too expensive. Every spell in the deck requires colored mana, and prowl costs emphasize that point even more.


4 Bitterblossom - it is simply the best, better than all the rest.

4 Bad Moon - the colorshifted anthem is no Bitterblossom, but it is decent at protecting us from Shrivel effects.


4 Thoughtseize - you cannot get enough of these guys, arguably the best card in the deck and the best one drop. The first thing to do after going non-budget with this is getting to 4 of these bad boys.

4 Duress - the little brother of Thoughtseize, but it does a superb job itself at being dirt cheap and removing non-creature threats, which are more dangerous for you.

2 Noggin Whack - sometimes you need more discard than should be humanly feasible. Bonus points for casting it when opponent has 3 or less cards. When you do it with Frogtosser Banneret out for 1 mana, you are literally high five-ing the magic gods!


4 Prickly Boggart - evasive turn 2 prowl enabler

4 Nightshade Stinger - evasive turn 2 prowl enabler. Sometimes it sucks that it cannot block.

4 Oona's Blackguard - one of the lords of the deck. Evasive, great ability which stacks its triggers - having more than in play means it will trigger more than once for each creature with a +1/+1 counter. Very nicely comboed when followed by a ...

4 Frogtosser Banneret - the best card in the deck, next to Thoughtseize. It may not be the lord we want, but it is the lord we deserve. It lowers prowl costs, nuff said.

4 Stinkdrinker Bandit - the rogues focus a lot on evasion, and this lord capitalizes on that. You really want to cast him precombat (sans prowl) to get the immediate bonus from him, unless you know the opponent has no removal.

4 Earwig Squad - 5/3 for 3 mana or less with Frogtosser Banneret ? Kills most combo decks when it resolves? Count me in!

Sideboard (retired, currently accepting suggestions):

Sideboard still very much more focused.

4 Illness in the Ranks - we hate the Soul sisters. and opposing Bitterblossom

4 Geth's Verdict - gets rid of black and/or hexproff creatures and/or "if i try to kill this with vendetta, i will kill myself" creatures.

3 Faerie Macabre - Instant speed graveyard control, superb vs reanimator and decent vs living end. Fits the theme.

4 Morsel Theft - originally, colorshifted Lava Spike + half a Gitaxian Probe was in the main deck, but is currently in SB vs more aggro decks or burn.


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This deck is now in its perfect balance in terms of maindeck, so please, include sideboard suggestions only. The sideboard is currently empty, so anything goes!

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