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I've been playing around with these curses for months now, and the previous versions have been anything from a rakdos deck with 10+ sweepers, to a dagger burn combo version. Now that mono black is a legit deck in standard, I've decided to use that as a shell to dump my curses on people.

The general idea of this deck is to use black removal spells to stall out the game and remove the opponent's threats so that late game you can stack your curses onto them to suffocate them into losing the game. Cabal Stronghold and Torment of Hailfire is also something that very often closes out games, as you can reasonably cast it where X is equal to anywhere between 5 and 15. I'm considering removing Lich's Mastery from the sideboard in lieu of The Eldest Reborn as it might be a better target for Mastermind's Acquisition more often, but I do enjoy Lich's Mastery as a nice panic button.

[Update] Now with Azor's Gateway   over Treasure Map  

Any feedback or criticisms would be greatly appreciated.


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