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Molding something out of nothing

Commander / EDH Artifact Budget Tokens UR (Izzet)



This is my sort-of-budget-friendly take on the upcoming commander set. So far I've kept 40+ cards from the original decklist for Exquisite Invention and I've added a few more token generators, as well as a few big artifact creatures to serve as targets for copying.

Deck Goals

Aggro Approach - simple enough strategy - I'm running lots of small/big token generators with the goal of getting as many tokens as possible and turning them into 15/15 indestructible Darksteel Juggernaut s with Brudiclad , or attacking with 10x Scuttling Doom Engine s. (I don't like the one time use effects like Dragon Fodder or Brass's Bounty I've noticed on other builds). Orochi Hatchery might seem innocuous at first glance, but left unchecked with the amount of mana I'm running, it will pump out massive amounts of tokens. The fact that they are green snakes is irrelevant).

Combo Approach - If the stars align (since deck has limited amount of tutors for the key piece) I can make all token become copies of Aetherflux Reservoir , cast 1-2 spells net 100+ life and start lasering down opponents.

Sneaky Win - If all tokens are made into say Darksteel Ingot with Mechanized Production attached, win is assured next upkeep.

I've done extensive playtesting on XMage, strictly on casual tables (meaning no stax/cEDH deck style turn 3 wins). The deck is very fun to play and has quickly become my favourite. On top of that it has a very solid winrate in that environement and can both hold it's own and win out of nowhere, despite encountering a few auto-losses ( Aura Shards + Whitemane Lion bouncing itself repeatedly and most notably Energy Flux in the somewhat popular Estrid decks). 33 lands seems to work just fine so far, but adding 1 more is definitely a consideration.

Overperformers: Mirrorworks (MVP), Saheeli's Artistry , Darksteel Juggernaut , Aetherflux Reservoir , Saheeli's Directive , Mechanized Production , also the mage cycle.

Underperformers: Myr Matrix / The back-up Isochron Scepter combo (with the lack of my beloved black transmute cards the combo is rather unreliable)

If you liked the deck give it a thumbs up +1 Upvote. Have a nice day! :)


Updates Add

Added a few new cards

+1 Mystical Tutor /// -1 Muddle the Mixture - more reliable tutor

+1 Legion Warboss /// -1 Accomplished Automaton - more reliable token generator

+1 Jace, Cunning Castaway /// -1 Skullclamp - clamp just didn't perform as strong as in my other decks (eg Edgar markov) + tokens are way too important in this deck to just draw 2

+1 Counterspell /// -1 Swiftfoot Boots - boots also didn't perform as strong as expected and mostly sat + removing Muddle the Mixture leaves the deck with too few way to interract.

+1 Negate /// -1 Negate - most folks don't like Jace, but ever since the Ixalan storyline I really started to like him + the art is amazing bling