What do you think about Strip Mine in modern? I´ll tell you: It´s great!

Mono-Green Landdestruction Combo

This isn´t your typical braindead mono-green zerg deck.

Let´s see what we got here:

  1. Maindeck landdestruction: Ghost Quarter
  2. Maindeck burn hate: Courser of Kruphix and Retreat to Kazandu
  3. Maindeck graveyard hate: Scavenger Grounds
  4. Maindeck creature hate: Quicksand and Grasping Dunes

Take a look at this highly synergetic deck.

The combination of Ramunap Excavator, Azusa, Lost but Seeking and Courser of Kruphix gives you an awesome engine to destroy all the opponents lands with Ghost Quarter, many decks only play a few basic, therefor its Strip Mine soon enough, kill all the creatures with Quicksand or Grasping Dunes, get a lot of life with Retreat to Kazandu or tear apart your opponents graveyard time and time again with Scavenger Grounds.

Once online this engine becomes the core of this deck and pumps your heavy beaters Tireless Tracker, Undergrowth Champion and Vinelasher Kudzu really quick. Tireless Tracker, Courser of Kruphix and Beast Whisperer give you an endless stream of card advantage.

Sakura-Tribe Scout and Skyshroud Ranger accelerate your deck from turn one on and fit the lands theme, while Sylvan Scrying allows you to run a little toolbox and find anything you want in a particular matchup on time.

An effect like Zuran Orb would push this deck over the top, but sadly it is not legal in modern and there aren´t any good replacements in monogreen. Life from the Loam is the closest that came to my mind to replace it.

This deck is a blast to play. Strip ´em out, all day, every day!

The sideboard is build to combat control, combo and various artefact strategies.

Improvements and suggestions are very welcome. There are still so many nice options to explore, like Collected Company, Chord of Calling, Eternal Witness and so on.


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