Modern Tezzerator Stax

Modern sunbunman


CanCon 2018 Modern Event - Top 8 —Jan. 26, 2018

Round 1 vs Callum on Storm

Game 1
Got out a chalice on 2 turn 3. Callum attempted to grind me out with Baral and Goblin Electromancer beats for a few turns and got shut down by a Zenith on 2.

Game 2
Got out relic turn 1. Prism t2 and draw 2 Tezzes in a row to go with the 1 in the opening hand. Callum durdles a bit playing cantrips. Play out Tezz t3 and animate prism . Callum makes a 6 goblins. Proceed to play Tezz for 2 more turns to animate citadel and searching with 3rd Tezz . Callum scoops to relic crack in response to flames on the stack.

Round 3 Dan on GR Tron

Game 1
Opening hand with chalice , foundry , sword , Ghost Quarter , and some lands. Dan plays tron piece into map . I play t2 chalice on 1. Dan gets tron out but no payoff. I play out foundry sword and value him out.

Game 2
Play t1 chalice into Trinisphere into crucible + Ghost Quarter lock. Dan scoops after a few turns of this.

Round 3 Leon on Esper Mentor

Game 1
Don't remember much of this game. Involved 4 mentors and an army of monk tokens vs my empty handed bridge + foundry sword . Bridge won.

Game 2
Got Trinisphere down, but died to mentor beats pretty early. Disenchant destroying my chalice on 1 to speed up his clock with chaining opts.

Game 3
Game goes into turns. Army of 3x mentors + monks vs foundry + Tezz + bridge . Missed a trigger on Tezz , letting Leon dig into Disenchant for the win. Played bad got punished.

Round 4 Wes on Eldrazi Tron

Game 1
Early bridge + foundry sword wins the game.

Game 2
See above. As it turns out he didn't pack Karn in board.

Round 5 Dougall on 8 Rack

Game 1
Dougall plays some hand disruption, I keep drawing lands and keeping them in hand to render rack and affliction useless. Eventually draw into foundry sword and win the game.

Game 2
Early discard with rack , affliction and Lili seals the game pretty quick in favour of Dougall.

Game 3
T1 chalice off guide into T2 prism into T3 Tezz animating prism finishes the game very quickly.

Round 6 Aaron on Burn

ID into top 8. Played a 'friendly' game, mb Trinisphere and Witchbane Orb locked him out pretty well.

Top 8 Round 1 Dan on Jeskai Control

Disclaimer: Some of the worst magic I've played and its on camera. Actually don't remember much about what happened in this game, will post the link up when the organisers put up the youtube clip.