So the earth grows hot My flames grow even hotterMy sword shall pierce them

The earth will burn anew as Akroan Crusader and the Young Pyromancer gather their forces for destruction.

Turn 1: Akroan Crusader on the field.

Turn 2: Legion Loyalist and target him with Weapon Surge. Token soldier on the field. Swing with all 3.

Turn 3: Young Pyromancer on the field. Titan's Strength on Akroan Crusader. 1 soldier and 1 elemental on the field. Swing with the crusader, Legion Loyalist and soldiers. Scry 1.

Turn 4: Firebrand Archer on the battlefield. Manamorphose to Lightning Bolt and a Crimson Wisps on the crusader. Draw 2 cards. 3 elementals and 1 soldier. Swing.

Turn 5: if you have lost zero troops (unlikely) your field is now 1 each of Akroan Crusader, Legion Loyalist, Young Pyromancer, and Firebrand Archer. With and additional 3 soldiers and 4 elementals. That's 12 damage available to swing with. Play a Impact Tremors a Lightning Bolt and a Brute Force. Opponent takes 6 damage from the Firebrand Archer and the Impact Tremors. Plus an extra 3 from the Lightning Bolt. Create 2 elementals and a soldier. Swing.

Turn 6: (if needed) play a Legion Loyalist and Bedlam Reveler. Game.

EDIT* - I took out Guttersnipe in exchange for Impact Tremors - a 3 cost creature is a little too expensive. Plus impact tremors serves the same purpose, but works better with the token mechanic.

EDIT* (take 74) - I added back in Bedlam Reveler because if the game goes long enough for him to come out, I need the draw power plus he's normally only 2 or 3 mana. I also added Empty the Warrens as a late game win condition. On turn 6, with 1 Impact Tremors on the field, casting (for example) two Lightning Bolt followed by Empty the Warrens means a total of 12 damage plus 6 1/1 goblins on the field.


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