So the earth grows hotMy flames grow even hotterMy sword shall pierce them

The earth will burn anew as Akroan Crusader and the Young Pyromancer gather their forces for destruction.

Turn 1: Akroan Crusader on the field.

Turn 2: Legion Loyalist and target him with Weapon Surge. Token soldier on the field. Swing with all 3.

Turn 3: Young Pyromancer on the field. Titan's Strength on Akroan Crusader. 1 soldier and 1 elemental on the field. Swing with the crusader, Legion Loyalist and soldiers. Scry 1.

Turn 4: Firebrand Archer on the battlefield. Manamorphose to Lightning Bolt and a Crimson Wisps on the crusader. Draw 2 cards. 3 elementals and 1 soldier. Swing.

Turn 5: if you have lost zero troops (unlikely) your field is now 1 each of Akroan Crusader, Legion Loyalist, Young Pyromancer, and Firebrand Archer. With and additional 3 soldiers and 4 elementals. That's 12 damage available to swing with. Play a Impact Tremors a Lightning Bolt and a Brute Force. Opponent takes 6 damage from the Firebrand Archer and the Impact Tremors. Plus an extra 3 from the Lightning Bolt. Create 2 elementals and a soldier. Swing.

Turn 6: (if needed) play a Legion Loyalist and Bedlam Reveler. Game.

EDIT* - I took out Guttersnipe in exchange for Impact Tremors - a 3 cost creature is a little too expensive. Plus impact tremors serves the same purpose, but works better with the token mechanic.

EDIT* (take 74) - I added back in Bedlam Reveler because if the game goes long enough for him to come out, I need the draw power plus he's normally only 2 or 3 mana. I also added Empty the Warrens as a late game win condition. On turn 6, with 1 Impact Tremors on the field, casting (for example) two Lightning Bolt followed by Empty the Warrens means a total of 12 damage plus 6 1/1 goblins on the field.


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