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GWB deck.

This is a pretty fair deck and it should be obvious what it's trying to do: Deploy undercosted threats.

Deathrite Shaman keeps us alive and shocks opponents as well as accelerating into Lingering Souls or the other three-drops.

Dark Confidant is a card-drawing powerhouse and may end up killing us.

Loxodon Smiter represents a threat to Jund: Do they ever dare activate their Liliana +1?

Liliana is in our list for value: Sometimes it's just an edict, sometimes it is punishing mulligans or control decks.

Maindeck mana is a bit of a mess. The Isolated Chapel ought to be a Godless Shrine and it's in the mail. I'd love to find more room for Horizon Canopy and another Gavony Township or Vault of the Archangel.

The sideboard is a bit of a mess right now. There's a lot of holes this kind of deck needs to patch up and so there's a number of one-ofs until the better cards are weeded out through testing.

Is Baneslayer Angel better than Batterskull? Are there better ways to interact with Scapeshift or Tron than Aven Mindcensor? Do we need Garruk to apply further pressure to control and Jund? What's the risk of enchantments and graveyard decks? Are artifact decks really a problem that we need to spend a Stony Silence on? Do we need more than one?

More testing is required for the board.

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