This is jund deck. Jund deck will make you discard and jund deck will smash your face. Jund deck smash jund deck will feed from your cards. Jund decks life is good.

This is a pretty standard jund deck that tries to disrupt your opponents hand with cheap discard spells and board with efficient removal spells and win with extremely good creatures like Tarmogoyf

Mainly this deck tries to grind games till the but this deck can aggro your opponent out as well (thanks tarmgoyf)


Tarmogoyf the card that comes to my mind when I hear jund. Tarmo is really efficient beater who is hard to kill with damage or -x/-x spells and at its best you can play turn two 4/5 because fetch, hand attack take something and opponent plays instant (Grave: Sorcery, instant, land and something you took from opponents hand)

Scavenging Ooze A bear that gains small amount of life gainer and late game bully who is a giant monster and he is also mainboard grave hate

Tireless Tracker One of my favorite cards in magic because it rewards you for playing lands aka playing magic. Tracker is the new hot shit that draws cards and it likes Wrenns ability to use fetch lands again and again. Also have you seen how big she can get?

Bloodbraid Elf Cascade creature with haste and good enough body? 2 for 1? Value? These facts makes me smile with a stupid grin. But seriously even though BBE is a really good card 4 mana is 4 mana and she can't be played as a 4 of in mainboard.

Instants and Sorceriys

Inquisition of Kozilek and Thoughtseize are mainboard discards so you can jund dem out with better results. Reason for 4 and 2 split is because hitting yourself multiple time with seizes stacks up and most important cards are 3 CMC or lower (yes there are exceptions. Looking at you Teferi)

Fatal Push and Lightning Bolt are the 1 mana removal spells in Jund. Bolt can deal with small creatures, finish planeswalker or even players with its burn possibility. Fatal push deals with almost any creature with fetchlands but it can't deal with planeswalkers. Reason for 4 and 2 split is that bolt gives more reach for ending games.

Abrupt Decay is cheap nonland removal spell. Assassin's Trophy is a sane mana cost card that deals with every type of permanent but it gives opponent land that is not nice but manageable.

Kolaghan's Command The 2 for 1 spell. Seriously, really cheap for what it does, all 4 modes are relevant and they are good, there are rare moments when this card isn't good and it has a good art.

Malstrom Pulse Nonland card destroyer and semi sweep (extremely good against tokens).


Liliana of the Veil Extremely good planeswalker. She is a removal, hand attack and has really really annoying ultimate. Mainly she is used for -2 first and then start grinding with her +1 and then she is a problem because if opponent plays only 1 creature it dies and if he doesn't he discards a card so there isn't a win situation.

Wrenn and Six THE new HOT shit that every jund plays and it costs WAY too much cash but in game it is cheap walker. Wrenn enables some new level plays with its -1 (kills turn 1 plays) and she can also give you lands from graveyard so fetches become recyclable and you can do same thing with Nurturing Peatland and Barren Moor and usually Wrenns ult is dangerous


Nihil Spellbomb Against graveyard decks

Collective Brutality Better card then Seize in some match ups because it doesn't deal damage to you and it makes you lands useful

Ancient Grudge Agains very specific match ups but extremely powerful in those match ups.

Fulminator Mage Some match ups need some Land Destruction because isn't it fun to mana screw opponents

Plague Engineer One sided "Mini Wrath" to specific creature types. I must say that it is surprisingly effective effect + 2/2 body with deathtouch will trade with something.


Updates Add

22.9.2018 3-0

1st round against Jund Death's Shadow (2-0). Both games I just went 2 for 1 because my opponent had build his deck around Dreadhorde Arcanist with pumping spells.

2nd round against Orzhov Martyr (2-0). 1st game I stripped my opponent from pure white cards and he had only expensive white black cards and he couldn't keep up. 2nd game Ashiok was slammed and opponent couldn't remove her and his tutoring was useless.

3rd round against Mono Red Blitz (2-1). 1st game I just removed every threat my opponent played until he played multiple Bedlam Reveler but in the end I was the grind master of this game. 2nd game my opponent opened with 4 drop creatures and mana morphose + other stuff. 3rd game my opponent had 4 creatures again but this time I had 1 mana removal spells and Scooze to keep me alive.

18.9.2019 2-1

1st round against dredge (1-2). 1st game I didn't find anything useful and lost. 2nd game I found 1 Spellbomb and my opponent mulliganed to 3 cards and I surprisingly won. 3rd game I mulliganed to 5 and didn't find any graveyard hate and lost.

2nd round bye

3rd round against Mono R Burn (2-0). 1st game I got two fast big boi tarmogoyfs and killed my opponent with them. 2nd game I had perfect hand attack with turn 1 inquistion turn 2 Brutality kill a guy + take a burn spell and yeah he couldn't do anything.

21.08.2019 2-1

1st game against WB Martyr Proc 2-0. 1st game I got to ult with liliana and without lands he was doomed. 2nd game my opponent drew 3 lands and only 4 drops.

2nd game against mono Red phoenix 0-2. 1st game after few removals I only drew lands while Bedlam Reveler and phoenix beated me. 2nd game I mulled to 5 (because I wasn't going to keep 6 land hands) and turn 3 Blood Moon basically killed me

3rd game against Dredge 2-0. 1st game my opponent had shitty dredges while Scooze ate everything relevant. 2nd game I had opening hand Leyline and opponent said Fuck it and we started playing Legacy (he gave up)

18.8.2019 1-3 (what a shitty day)

1st round against Mono Red eldrazi (0-2) 1st game I kept 2 lander and drew all my lilianas and Lottery Elfs. 2nd game I drew 15 lands and my opponent only drew 11 lands.

2nd round against Martyr Proc 1-2. 1st game I stomped my opponent by taking his Martyr tutors away and keeping him from playing big stuff with Liliana while pressuring. 2nd game I lost to 3 Martyrs that I couldn't take out. 3rd game.... well drawing lands like mad man was my game plan and I drew over 10 lands again.

3rd round against Mono Green Stompy 2-1. 1st game 2 Tarmogoyfs and couple of removal spells kept the biggest pressure away. 2nd game quadra Strangleroot Geist with few Rancor was too much. 3rd game I got to only 2 lands but Wrenn + other removal kept the board clean while my Tarmogoyf killed himm

4th round against UB Mill 0-2. 1st and 2nd game were like this...... Draw land -> Say go -> Opponent mills x amount of nonlands -> draw a land. This kept happening almost every draw.

That day didn't go as planned

11.8.2019 (I was too lazy to update :p ) 3-0

1st round Bye.

2nd round against Dredge (2-1). 1st game I conceded on turn 3 because my opponent had unbeatable hand. 2nd game turn 0 Leyline and hand attack to interact with his interaction and that snowballed to hard. 3rd game I mulliganed to 6 and my opponent mulliganed to 5 and he didn't have white leyline and I won thanks to Ooze and Spellbomb.

3rd round agains Martyr Proc (2-1). 1st game I lost on turn 4 to 4 active Serra Ascendant . 2nd game the grind was real and well timed Kcommand pithing needle effect and blocker and I won. 3rd game I had a situation where my opponent had 2 Ascendants and I had 2 Lottery Elfs (BBE) in my hand and with ultimate lottery luck I managed to kill the other one and gain enough life with Ooze to withstand his attacks and it gave me enough time to draw multiple cards where I found removals and won the game

10.2.2019 we had 2 tournaments 2-1 and 2-1

1st Round Jund mirror 0-2. 1st game I flooded and lost. 2nd game we had a real grind fest and we lived with top of our deck and both of us had a good top decks but in the end I didn't drew answer to his 3rd Raging Ravine.

2nd Round against Mardu pyromancer 2-0. 1st game my opponent had a good hand disruption and then he played his pyromancer without instant and sorcery and he knew that I had a removal for it and then he didn't get answer to my tarmos and BBE. 2nd game my opponent kept 1 bolt, 2 Bedlam Reveler and yes he did draw instants and sorcerys but Nihil spellbomb got rid of them and he lost for having answers to my creatures.

3rd game against WB pox 2-0. 1st game I got rid of my opponents Smallpox and other discarding with my discarding and started just the beat down and up tikking Last Hope and he lost to zombies. 2nd game was almost like the first game but now my opponent drew more planeswalkers but we got good game out of it.

Other tournament

1st round again Jund mirror 2-0. 1st game was complete replay except my opponent flooded like no tomorrow. 2nd game was again replay but now my opponent didn't haw answer to my 1 threat after grinding and I won.

2nd game against Amulet Titan 1-2. 1st game I lost to hard cast Titan without Amulet and after that downhill I lost. 2nd game turn 2 Damping Sphere and my opponent scooped. 3rd game we had some fight but after Engineered Explosives destroyed 3 Tarmogoys I lost.

3rd game against mono red prison. 1st game my opponent started with turn 1 Chalice of the Void and I boldly started with playing Thoughtseize and he forgot his chalice trigger and I took biggest threat, after that he got Blood Moon and Ensnaring Bridge and we both were locked from winning and he even drew Hazoret the Fervent but liliana got to save me and killed that stupid god and started plussing and got to her ultimate and my opponent got to choose to keep his 2 Blood Moons and 1 Brigde vs all of his other permanents. 2nd game he had turn 1 chalice again and I had turn 1 thoughtseize and it went through again and after that he did drew blood moons and bridges but I was a smart litle boi and fetched basic lands and had cards like Kolaghan's Command and won.

27.1.2019 2-1

1st Round against Burn 0-2. 1st game my only discarding was Thoughtseize and my opponent drew 2 lands 2 Searing Blaze for my 2 creatures and other perfection and I lost. 2nd game...... exactly same but this time I didn't draw my discard and opponent drew his third land.

2nd Round agains mono blue flyers 2-0? 1st game I had some trouble with dealing flyers especially Spire Golem and Tempest Djinn but I got rid of them and won. 2nd game my opponent flooded.

3rd Round agains GR eldrazi 2-0. 1st game we started grinding my opponent with his eldrazis that were smaller than my Tarmogoyf and little by little I got rid of his creatures and started pushing dmg. 2nd game my opponent kept 1 lander (mountain) drew colorless land but he didn't draw green source.



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