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Modern Goblins




I love playing Legacy goblins, and I have a feeling that it could be competitive in modern, with the right tweaks. I would appreciate any input available.

Side Update: I feel that this deck is a lot better now that Storm took a hit from the banned list, and so did Jund, it still has a lot of removal and could be very difficult, but I feel that this deck has potential.


Updates Add

-4 Goblin Cohort

+4 Legion Loyalist

-1 Krenko, Mob Boss

-1 Siege-Gang Commander

+2 Hellrider

-1 Kiki-Jiki

-2 Don't remember lol

+3 Krenko's Command

-2 Sensation Gorgers

+2 Goblin Wardriver

This is still evolving, and I'm working on it, please give me any suggestions, I have only about 2 1/2 weeks til a Modern PTQ and I wanna go to the Pro Tour!


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This deck is not Modern legal.

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+2 Siege-Gang Commander main
+3 Pyrewild Shaman main
+4 Dragon Fodder main
-4 Krenko's Command main
-4 Lightning Bolt main
-2 Goblin Grenade main
+4 Lightning Bolt main
-3 Hellrider main