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Played this deck at my LGS Monday Night Modern tournament and went 1-2. There were only a few people so we only did 3 rounds.

Match #1:Played against a Maze's End / Guildgate win condition deck. It usually works quite well but my opponent's deck wasn't fast enough. Game two I sided out the War Drivers for a Magus and 3 Blood Moons and it was all over.

Match #2:Played Affinity and lost only by a turn or so to onboard Arcbound Ravager tricks. Sideboarded 3x Blood Moons and 2x Faithless Lootings when I should have sided in the Instigators + Siege Gang, or 2x Flame Slash and something else. Game 3 was close and I sided the Flame Slashes in for the Lootings. I'm pretty sure the War Drivers went back in and the Blood Moon's came out.

Match #3:Played against as Reviellark + Melira + Anything with Persist combo deck. Almost had game one finished before he cast a a Finks and slowed me down long enough to get his infinite damage combo off. Game two I thought I sided in the Flame Slashes and the Blood Moons for some War Drivers but totally didn't and just brought in 5 extra cards to my deck with 20 lands. Needless to say it wasn't great. I thought I would end up stabilizing by wiping his combo pieces with a Krenko and a few goblin grenades but I just didn't get there.

Could have done a lot better if I had been paying attention to what I was sideboarding.

My sideboard needs some work along with a little C&C.

I realized that the 2x Faithless Looting in the sideboard are definitely coming out. I love the 2 that are maindeck because when I was playing just 2 any time I got one it worked perfectly. I would drop a land and lose a small guy for a Marshal, Krenko, or Guide. Loved the hand upgrade power!


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So I've decided that what my deck needed was more lords, and so I splashed black for 3x Mad Aunties and 3x Spike Jesters. I've put in 4x Blood Crypts to support the black splash. (I had originally had 3x Blightning as well but they didn't really do what I wanted them to do.)

Seems like this will give me some extra gas against some decks that I tend to fizzle out on and initial play tests seem to indicate this is true. I still need to bring the sideboard back up to 15 cards though.


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