Modern Affinity


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Modern Legal Affinity - still a work in progress.


Skythe says... #1

Alright, I playtested this a few times, and, it's way too slow for Modern affinity. I wasn't getting enough land, and I found myself not able to cast Master of Etherium or Etched Champion consistently until turn 5 or 6. You seem to be able to afford the Glimmervoid s and the Blinkmoth Nexus , So What I'm going to suggest shouldn't be out of your price range.

-2 Silver Myr -3 Myr Enforcer -2 Gilded Lotus -2 Welding Jar -2 Darksteel Forge -4 Fabricate


+2 card:Steelshaper's Gift+4 Cranial Plating +4 Island +2 Mox Opal +4 Galvanic Blast

Other good additions are Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas , Thoughtcast , Vault Skirge , Signal Pest , Springleaf Drum , and Arcbound Ravager . Although if you go the Ravager route, Don't overlook Disciple of the Vault .

Here's My Modern Affinity deck; deck:cranial-plating-is-bawssauce, Just in case you want to look it over and see something helpful I may have missed.

September 3, 2012 6:40 a.m.

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This deck is Modern legal.

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