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Modern Ad Nauseum



Score: Unrated


From by Larry Wellington.

Tprox says...


Lightning Storm is strictly superior to Conflagrate

March 17, 2014 3:53 a.m.

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Low Avg High
$472.46 $663.84 $1139.17
Date added 2 years
Last updated 2 years
Legal formats None
Sets New Phyrexia, Scars of Mirrodin, 2011 Core Set, Zendikar, Shards of Alara, Future Sight, Planar Chaos, Time Spiral, Time Spiral "Timeshifted", Coldsnap, Dissension, Ravnica: City of Guilds, Ninth Edition, Champions of Kamigawa, Fifth Dawn
Cards 60
Avg. CMC 2.38

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