Goblins, goblins, goblins!!!! This deck costs less than a quartersack and it's so much fun to play.


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There are a number of what I like to call "set ups" and "punch lines" in this deck. The first being the good ole Goblin Arsonist (set up) --> Infernal Plunge + Brimstone Volley (punch line) 6 burn damage on turn 2 combo. The next is Krenko's Command --> Legion Loyalist + overload Dynacharge trample/first strike 9 combat damage on the battefield. Augment these with Guttersnipe + any spell, and finally a late round Krenko, Mob Boss or Goblin Rally with a Burn at the Stake punch line, rounds out a nice mob of synergetic goblins that is both inexpensive and lots of fun to play.

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