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Mmm... Brains - A Zombie EDH

Commander / EDH Tribal UB (Dimir) Zombie



This deck is formed around a bunch of fun zombie interactions. I like to make my decks as thematic as possible while still being playable.




Updates Add

This deck has been playing pretty well. If this deck gets going my opponents have a very hard time dealing with it. I may need to include more instant speed removal and at least one more board wipe to allow myself more time to build when playing against faster decks. I am ok with wiping the board since my zombies come back faster than most other decks.

Loving some new inclusions: Mind Control , Control Magic and Volition Reins have changed the coarse of the game for me on more than one occasion. Animate Dead is great over Rise from the Grave . So easy to play it and keep mana open for counterspells.

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