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Mizzix of the Izmagnus Reiterate Combo

Commander / EDH Budget Combo Competitive UR (Izzet)



This is my version of Competitive Mizzix combo deck. I don't have expensive (money) mana rocks such as Mana Crypt and others.

The idea is to ramp, find main combo: Gut Shot + Any Ritual + Reiterate and instant win the game. I have a lot of ramp rocks and spells. Tutors and Cantrips help to find combo. If something goes wrong you can recurve your combo pieces from your graveyard or even cast it Mizzix's Mastery

Plan A : Gut Shot + Ritual + Reiterate

Combo 1 : 10 mana (at least 4 red), 3 cards.

  1. Spend 4 mana to play your commander
  2. Put Gut Shot in stack for hp, get 1st Exp counter
  3. Put Seething Song in stack for 2 mana, get the 2nd Exp Counter
  4. Put Reiterate with Buyback for 4 mana in stack that target Seething Song , get 3rd Exp Counter
  5. Resolve Reiterate , add 5 red mana. Now you can repeat the steps 4-5, get infinite red mana.
  6. Now you can copy Gut Shot as many times you want into opponent's faces


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