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Mizzix of the Izmagnus [Budget Commander]

Commander / EDH Budget Combo Infinite Combo Storm U/R (Izzet)


Combo with Mizzix:

Experience Counter (4 or more) + Desperate Ritual or Reality Spasm + Reiterate + Shock or Grapeshot

Experience Counter (4 or more) + Desperate Ritual or Reality Spasm + Reiterate + Opt

Opt is just an example, but I'm calling attention to this interaction/Combo because in some cases your opponents can prevent damage. Another card you can add is the Brain Freeze that is not on the deck due to lack of slot.

Experience Counter (4 or more) + Frantic Search + Reiterate

With this interaction you will accumulate mana and buy as many cards as you want, besides creating a storm.

Combo without Mizzix:

Mana Rocks + Isochron Scepter + Dramatic Reversal + Grapeshot

Another interesting card as already mentioned is Brain Freeze which is the perfect card for the combo Isochron Scepter when your opponents use too much Glacial Chasm

Mizzix's Mastery + Enter the Infinite

This interaction is your backup if Mizzix is too focused. You have your deck in your hands. find your victory.

If this list has helped you, please leave your feedback. Critics and suggestions are welcome

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