Welcome to the Storm

This is my first primer so forgive me for any mistakes I may make. If you have any comments or questions PLEASE let me know. If you like the deck give it an upvote.



What is this deck?

This deck is a high powered all-in combo deck. You win the game by casting a series of spells that eventually leads to one of several infinite combos. These combos will be explained later in much more detail. Mizzix of the Izmasnus lets you cast these spells for much cheaper than you normally would be able to, fueling a stormy style of play.

Will I like this deck?

Do the following describe you well?

  • I like to cast spells
  • I really like to cast spells
  • I like to cast spells for less than I should
  • I like relying on my commander
  • I like winning quickly
  • I like all or nothing decks
  • I like convoluted spell chains that involve math

If the answer is yes, then you will probably like this deck. If youre still not sure, these are the risks of playing Mizzix:

  • You can fizzle before going off
  • You can get hated out very easily
  • You are Heavily reliant on your commander
  • You might lose friends

The Cards and What They Do

Win Conditions

This specific deck wins with one of 3 combos. This will give you a rough overview of how they end the game.

  1. The next most simple: Mystic Retrieval + Runic Repetition + any turns card (the ones in this list that work for this combo are Temporal Manipulation, Time Warp, and Time Stretch. This allows you to chain infinite turns together by alternatively retrieving the turns card and repetition.
  2. This is where things start to get complicated. To start, cast Turnabout or Reality Spasm untapping lands (and artifacts if you have the experience) DONT LET THIS RESOLVE. Maintaining priority, cast Reiterate with buyback, targeting the Turnabout or Spasm. Let the copy resolve, then re-cast Reiterate targeting the original. Do this an infinite amount of times until you have an arbitrarily large amount of mana. To end, use the same combo with any card that deals damage (Lightning Bolt) or a draw spell to win with Laboratory Maniac. This combo can also use Seething Song or Inner Fire to generate infinite red mana, which only wins with Bolt.
  3. This is the most complicated. Start by casting High Tide then cast Frantic Search, untapping 3 islands (one of them must be Steam Vents or Volcanic Island ). From here you want to use Mystic Retrieval loop described earlier in combo 2 on Frantic Search and High Tide to generate huge amount of mana and draw as many cards as you want. You can end from here with any of the previously mentioned combos. What makes this one so complicated is when to retrieve Tide versus Frantic Search. Try to make sure you will have enough mana to repeat the loop while tapped out at all times. This can also work with Snap, but it becomes very challenging to net mana and have enough targets.

Notable Inclusions (Cards you might not expect)

  • Riptide Laboratory This card is one of the few easy ways to keep Mizzix safe. The loss of a color producing land is worth the upside of protecting Mizz in a long game.
  • Epic Experiment Combo Insurance. If you are about to fizzle, dump literally everything into this card in the hopes of reviving the combo. It's a gamble but it usually pays off at an X of 10+. It can always fizzle or be great at other costs, but generally higher is better.
  • Expropriate It doesnt work with the Mystic Retrieval loop, but its too powerful with cost reductions to exclude. This card will almost always get you 2+ turns, as generally, people dont want to give anything up.

Notable Exclusions (Why isnt this in the deck?)

  • Goblin Electromancer This card and other similar cards frequently become dead draws, as you usually wont need a larger reduction than what Mizzix provides.
  • Pyretic Ritual I find this ritual tends to be rather weak, so I decided to only run one, Desperate Ritual.
  • Reset I want to combo on my turn when Im safe, not be forced to risk waiting. It also acts as a less versatile Turnabout or Reality Spasm .
  • Timetwister Too expensive. I would add it in an instant but I dont have the money right now. If you have one I would absolutely include it.

Important Cards (outside of the combo pieces)

  • All of the combo pieces are very important, but Mystic Retrieval is secretly the best card in the deck. It does so much work and becomes even better with a Runic Repetition nearby (if you couldnt tell by the combos). This card pulls so much weight and smooths out the deck in a pinch by returning a Frantic Search or Tezzeret's Gambit.
  • On the topic of retrieval, Gamble is really good with it. Yes it can get other things, but getting Retrieval guarantees that you can hold on to whatever you want.
  • Firemind's Foresight Fetches all of the pieces for combo 3 at instant speed for (usually) only 2 mana. It can also be used to fetch value if needed.
  • Intuition puts combo 2 online regardless of what card they give you. When you see it, if you have enough mana, go for it.
  • Stroke of Genius and other X cost cards tend to carry their weight because they can draw tons of extra cards and always give experience. Stroke is just the best of the bunch.
  • Tezzeret's Gambit is usually 0 mana get 1 or 2 experience and draw 2 cards. Whats not to love?

The Combo Turn

The combo turn is where you go for the combo. Usually, you dig through your deck like a storm deck trying to find the cards you want to assemble the combo. This is where all the math and calculations come in, but its not something you can really teach. Just play it repeatedly and each time youll learn something about it (also watch High Tide and Storm decks being played). One thing that must be kept in mind above everything else: KEEP MIZZIX ALIVE. The deck folds without Mizz, and after 2 or 3 deaths the game becomes almost unwinnable.

Thanks and happy storming!






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