There are a couple of combos in this deck revolving around a couple of cards:1) Niv Mizzet or Azami and mind over matter lets you shuffle through your deck2) mind over matter, ophidian eye and prodigal sorcerer = inphinite damage and draw3) Kiki Jiki, pestermite = infinite pestermites4) sneak attack, palinchron = infinite mana5) kiki jiki, intruder alarm and any creature = infinite creatures6) mana flare and palinchron = infinite mana7) Curiosity or ophidians Eye and niv mizzet = infinite draw and damageI am sure im forgetting some combos but that's it for the most part. It also has counterspell effects to make sure you get a combo off, tutors to get what you need to combo out and disruption to make the game a hell for your opponents. Any comments or suggestions on the deck are welcomed!


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