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Mishra's Science Fair Project

Commander / EDH* Artifact Casual U/B/R (Grixis)




The goal of this deck is to play effects, such as Possibility Storm or Blood Funnel, that makes the game harder for opponents to play while using Mishra to cheat around or even benefit from them. Suggestions welcome!

How it works:

Example 1, Possibility Storm:

  • Step 1: Cast an Artifact

  • Step 2: Two triggers occur; Possibility Storm, and Mishra, Artificer Prodigy's search effect for said Artifact. Place Mishra's trigger onto the stack first, then Possibility Storm's on top.

  • Step 3: Resolve Possibility Storm, ultimately putting the next artifact on top your library into play, and then all revealed cards, and the Artifact onto the bottom of your library

  • Step 4: Resolve Mishra's trigger, searching your library for a copy of the first Artifact to put directly into play.

Example 2, Counters:

  • Step 1: Cast an Artifact

  • Step 2: Stack Mishra's trigger first, then the triggered counter spell effect on top.

  • Step 3: Resolve the counter spell, countering the Artifact, placing it in your graveyard.

  • Step 4: Resolve Mishra's trigger, search your graveyard for a copy of the cast Artifact, put it into play for free.


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