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Mirrored Lab Maniac




Crazy win con mostly a fun deck more than competitive get a Laboratory Maniac and get at least 1 Mirror-Mad Phantasm out and go to work untill you have no more cards Use Mindshrieker on yourself or other discard mechanics on lots of the cards and lots of card draw



If you use only a single Mirror-Mad Phantasm and then use a clone effect (like Clone or Cackling Counterpart ), then you can force yourself to mill your entire library. Maybe splash a little black mana for Increasing Ambition so you can get it out semi-reliably while running only one copy?

Also might be worth thinking about having a Psychic Spiral or two, just for that awkward moment where you go to your turn and they kill the maniac just before it wins you the game...

December 23, 2012 6:03 a.m.

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