This is my attempt at making my voltron deck less vulnerable to early removal.

The goal is to put Mirri out early and smash face while putting out cards to slow down your opponents and increase your damage output. There are several cards that make mirri lethal quickly and the few back up creatures are very powerful.

I included several instants to respond to tricky artifacts and enchantments, I also Included a few counterspell for an unexpected surprise.

When/if Mirri gets taken out you have to ramp up fast and either put out the support cards to slow down your opponents, put out a big creature, draw one of five board wipes or, if you are lucky, get out defense of the heart and get out all three angels!

The cards in this deck I have found to work best with Masterwork of ingenuity are Hero's Blade and Obsidian Battle-Axe. These can boost Mirri's damage output big time as soon as you cast her, which is quite nice when you bring her back into the fight.

There is also of course the nasty, nasty, Infect cards I included in there for a quick, last ditch attempt to KO someone.


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