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Minotaurs Dealing 29 Damage on Turn 3?

Modern* Aggro BR (Rakdos) Budget Casual Tribal



Great Hand:

Turn 1: Land (6 cards in hand)

Turn 2: Land, Heartless Summoning (5 cards in hand)

Turn 3: Land, Ragemonger, Kragma Warcaller, Neheb, the Worthy, Ragemonger, Rageblood Shaman (note how we got two Ragemonger which discounts both red symbols off of Rageblood Shaman), Swing for 29

After some recent adjustments I have found the god hand of all hands which deals a whopping 41 damage on turn 3. Im not going to change the title of the deck though since its been what it is for a long time. Here it is:

Turn 1: 7 land 6

Turn 2: 7 land 6 Heartless Summoning 5

Turn 3: 6 land 5 Ragemonger 4 Grisly Survivor 3 Grisly Survivor 2 Neheb, the Worthy 1 Street Wraith *4 Kragma Warcaller 0, swing for 41. I kind of like having the 29 damage title anyway, since this hand is a bit cheesy, of drawing 4 Street Wraith in a row to give both Grisly Survivors +8/0. The 29 damage in one turn can happen, even if its not 29 it can be lethal with one less minotaur, with two less minotaurs if opponent dealt some damage to themselves with fetch/shock lands.


The deck is fairly simple in what it is trying to do. In general you want Heartless Summoning turn 2, Ragemonger turn 3, dump hand (remember Ragemonger only costs 2 on turn 3 so you have room to cast rather Kragma Warcaller or Rageblood Shaman. Since the deck wants to get empty handed for the new Amonkhet Neheb, the Worthy we don't want to be playing two Heartless Summoning since its a dead card and luckily we have 4 Faithless Looting and 4 Tormenting Voice to cycle out excess lands/ Heartless Summoning for more creatures we can play for free or very little. The buffs from each of the Minotaurs are pretty strong, giving all different kinds of buffs, but my personal favorite of first strike+ deathtouch being in there. Also Bloodrage Brawler works well with Neheb, the Worthy, just make sure to play him last or use him for some Call to the Netherworld synergies. But yeah, just cycle through the deck, play Call to the Netherworld while cycling so we can pick back up our black minotaurs and dump them onto the field, swing face with a board of 'taurs.

Just going to say, I've play tested this deck a lot in tappedout and I found that its pretty consistent. Obviously it depends on how much disruption our opponent has but it can consistently kill turn 4-6 (no disruption). If you are playing against a deck with a lot of disruption you can always side in cards like Duress :).

Overall I like the deck, its pretty sweet and if you exclude the land-base it costs $12.26 (April 23, 2016).

NOTE: The deck might be good for using Lightning Bolt over Call to the Netherworld but its just a casual deck and popping off with Faithless Looting and calling back your creature for free is crazy/ seems like fun. Also remember if you stack your discard correctly, you can put a black creature into the graveyard before you put Call to the Netherworld into the graveyard. Meaning that if you Faithless Looting you can discard a black Minotaur first then your second discard is Call to the Netherworld and you pick it back up.

NOTE 2: Another important interaction is how trample + deathtouch works. So lets say you attack with a 5/4 trample+ deathtouch Minotaur and your opponent blocks with a 0/100 defender. You would actually deal 4 damage to them because in combat, creatures only try to assign lethal damage to a blocker and the rest tramples through, and one point of deathtouch damage is lethal. Therefore when you attack for 5, 1 damage would hit the defender and 4 would trample through to their face.

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