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Mind Your Heads - Progenitus Hydra Tribal

Commander / EDH* Aggro Five Color Tribal



Exactly what it says on the tin. Progenitus deck focused on Hydra synergy.

I normally preach letting all your colors shine in multicolor decks, but for this one I decided to lean in to the heavy greenness. This is less true of the mana base (since I want to be able to cast Progenitus) but several cards would be replaced by a non-green alternative in any other 5-color deck.

A few cards were chosen for the fact that I expect to have several powerful creatures out at once: Rishkar's Expertise , Temur Ascendancy , and the incredibly well-fitting Shaman of the Great Hunt are big sources of card advantage here.

I also included cards that would turn Progenitus from a three-hit kill into a two-hit kill, such as Opal Palace , Gruul War Chant , and Door of Destinies . The superstar in this category is Finest Hour , which lets me kill any player in one turn with Progenitus.

I don't know when I will be putting this deck together, so I would absolutely LOVE to hear suggestions until then.


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