Jund Em' Out

Minas Morgul - Nazgûl Jund

The Tower of Dark Sorcery
"There seemed to be great blackness looming slowly out of the East, eating up the faint blurred stars. Later the sinking moon escaped from the pursuing cloud, but it was ringed all about with a sickly yellow glare"

Minas Morgul - Nazgul Jund

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Jund. A classical good stuff deck, which along with other G/B/x decks (such as abzan) have constantly dominated MTG thanks in part due to their consistency and interactivenes. FlyingDelver over at MTG Salvation said it best: "It combines the most effective disruption spells backed up by the most effecient removal spells with its characteristic powerful threats, which represents the perfect mix of tools to beat any opponent. Because of this, it basically has potentially [of] at least a 50:50 winrate against any deck.".

This decklist is pretty standard from a Jund perspective, with my own take on the SB for the current meta.

A great explaination and partially quoted entries - Greatness at any cost

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