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Mimeoplasm - Riptide's toolbox

Commander / EDH* Budget BUG (Sultai) Reanimator



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This deck is a creature toolbox and aim to cheat threatening creatures from the graveyard to gain strong board position. I avoid using voltron commander damage to win because it's not as fun. I build this deck to be a toolbox creature deck and I can play interesting big creatures to answer threats on the board.

This deck is also designed in a way to maximize Riptide Shapeshifter 's ability because over half of the creatures in my deck has a unique creature type. It's a very interesting card that can cheat in a creature and also bypass Stranglehold or Aven Mindcensor .

Situations and creature types to name with Riptide Shapeshifter

Other notable creatures to include:

  • Terastodon - Name "Elephant" to destroy non-creature permanents
  • Massacre Girl - Name "Assassin" to wipe creatures (conditionally)
  • Dragonlord Silumgar - Name "Dragon" to steal a creature or planeswalker
  • Win-con

    Other than control the board and win through huge advantage the easiest way is through Flash-Hulk combo.

    1. Cast Flash and put Protean Hulk into play not paying the cost difference
    2. Search for Viscera Seer and Body Double (copying Protean Hulk in the graveyard), then sac Body Double
    3. Search for Walking Ballista and Mikaeus, the Unhallowed then win.

    There is also infinite mana combos you can win with Walking Ballista

    1. Deadeye Navigator + Palinchron (both can be brought out with Riptide Shapeshifter ). This also means you can infinite ETB with creatures you have access to.
    2. Eternal Witness + Palinchron + Ghostly Flicker
    3. Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger + Palinchron

    General Strategy

    This deck is a casual build without fast mana ramps, but it has a lot of interactions. The main concept should be answer threats oppose to look for combo to win.

    Starting the game with couple ramps can really help to open up the options; or discard treats and reanimate them.

    The deck is well-rounded in terms of answering treat, it's biggest threats are Torpor Orb effects and graveyard removal. Krosan Grip and Cyclonic Rift are very important answers. There's also Disallow for graveyard removal on trigger or ability, such as Bojuka Bog or Nihil Spellbomb .

    Unorthodox use of Flash

    Other than flash hulk combo and other obvious ETB effects I want to point out an interesting way of one-time use mana ramp.

    You can flash out Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger and tap mana for double, then choose not to pay for the difference. Essentially you spend 2 mana to double the mana production of the rest of the lands for one time use, this can be strategically useful since the curve of the deck is high. Another way to look at it, you may cast Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger using Flash with as few as five lands (since 3 of them gets tapped for double)

    Honorable mention: powerful synergies.

    It That Betrays + Living Death . Recur all your graveyard creatures and get all your opponents' creatures.

    Animate Dead / Dance of the Dead / Necromancy + Kederekt Leviathan in graveyard. Bounce all nonland permanents with low cost, and enchantment goes back to you hand so you can reset the board every turn.


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