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First self-made EDH-deck with a reasonable budget using mostly cards I already own from the latest sets + some versatile cards (worth around 60-80 ) I'll be ordering as singles.

I'll be upgrading the "Maybeboard" with cards I'm considering into the deck. My baseline for card value is that if I don't own a certain card, I'm not buying anything worth over 7-9 euros, hence the absence of The Scarab God, for example.

Suggestions and tips are really welcome! I've played EDH so far with only 1 deck, the Feline Ferocity from C17, which I've improved with singles. I'm interested in different strategies and builds. After this attempt with Sultai/Mimeoplasm I'll probably try building a W/G/R Dinosaur deck in the future, especially if the next Ixalan set brings us more viable dinosaurs.


Updates Add

A few changes made, including addition of new creatures (better targest for Mimeo), Heroic Intervention and Cyclonic Rift , as well as more variable ramping and land choices. The removals were the ones I mentioned in the former update.

Next removals: Disciple of Bolas , Reaper of the Wilds , Hag Hedge-Mage , Growing Rites of Itlimoc  Flip, Baral's Expertise

Adds: Blood Artist , Sage of Hours , Death's Shadow , Animate Dead , Terastodon


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